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Trying to find healthy and high quality goldfish in the local pet stores is frustrating.  But, you can't really blame the pet stores.  Most of what they sell is from Asia and have been passed through several intermediaries.  By the time you get them home, they have been stressed for so long that their immune system is weak and they are on the verge of a disease outbreak.  The pet store cannot afford to bring in the best quality goldfish because their losses are so high.  They must carry inexpensive low-quality fish which can be sold quickly.  It's a shame because this situation is giving goldfish a reputation they do not deserve.  Goldfish can be hardy and bring years of enjoyment, but you need to start with strong healthy fish.

We are a goldfish breeder selling directly to you.  All of our fish were born and raised on our farm, as were their parents, grandparents and great grand etcetera.  We do not import from Asia or sell anything we did not raise ourself.  We will never be a large goldfish wholesale supplier.  There is a limit to what one person can do in a day.  Instead, we focus on growing a smaller number of high quality fish - better than what you can find in a pet store.  There are hundreds of goldfish varieties and we cannot raise them all, but our selection is steadily increasing.  We offer some varieties which you will never see in a pet store or anywhere else in the western world.

Windward Oahu is a great place to breed goldfish.  They can be spawned through much of the year here and the climate for growing them is just right - not too hot and not too cold.  The water is also ideal, not too hard and not too soft

Some goldfish enthusiasts like to buy large mature fish.  In so doing they remove any uncertainty about "potential" and they arrive at their peak of beauty.  Others prefer to start with young fish and groom it themselves.  We try to serve both market segments but probably sell a dozen young fish for every large mature fish.

A word about pricing is in order here.  Our prices generally range from $40 to $200 per fish.  Like art, no two goldfish are alike.  The price reflects a variety of factors including how difficult the variety is to breed and grow, the fish's age, our assessment of future potential and, perhaps most importantly, how much we like it.  If your personal preference is somewhat different from our own, then you can get a great deal here.  We are not trying to impose our personal preference on others, and we have incorrectly assessed potential plenty of times.  But, like any art form, quality is subjective and we do the best we can.  The age and size is a minor consideration when we are pricing our goldfish.  In our opinion, a small, young, high-quality goldfish is just as valuable as a large, old, high-quality goldfish.  We do not sell any goldfish until it is old enough to be able to assess the quality.


A selection of fish which are being offered for sale are listed with photos.  Just click on the varieties above.  You will find several shots of the actual individual fish you would be buying.  The fish in the photos is the fish you receive.  Sorry, photography is not our strong suit but we are trying to improve.  If the photo is poor, it is not because we are trying to cover up a defect or anything - it's just a poor photo. 

We have a much larger inventory than what is listed here at any one time, but it is not practical to keep updated photos for every fish.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask.  We may have it.  While it is a constant struggle to keep the photos updated, we should have every fish listed here unless it was sold over the past few days.  Sometimes there is a hitch though because a fish may have grown a lot since the photo was taken.  We do not increase the listed price if the fish has grown more than expected.  However, the number which can be packed in a given size box (see details below) may have to be decreased.  We recognize this is sort of like false advertising or something and try to compensate in some way if the shipping cost has to be adjusted..

There is no shopping cart here.  To order or inquire about fish just send us an e-mail with the item number(s) listed to the left of each photo.  We check e-mail often during the day and will reply as soon as possible.  A fish is considered sold when it is paid for.  Until it is paid for, a fish is up for grabs by anyone.

The fish packing and shipping is described here We have several sizes of shipping boxes.  Depending on the number and size of fish and the box size, the flat rate for packaging and shipping to anywhere in the US is either $45 or $60.  There are no hidden handling fees.  We do not make money on packaging and shipping and, depending on the order, it is not unusual for us to loose a few dollars.  Overall, the flat rate price is what it costs us for the packaging materials and transportation charges.

We pack very conservatively to minimize stress and guarantee your fish arrive in good health. The number of fish of a particular size and variety which can be packed in each of the box sizes is noted under the column labeled "shipping".  Again, there are no hidden fees.  Your shipping/packaging costs do not increase when additional fish are purchased as long as they do not exceed the capacity of the box.  If there is any question about the number of fish which can be packed in a box, just drop us an e-mail

Here is a short article about the acclimation and quarantine process for new goldfish.


For a variety of reasons, we can no longer accommodate local customers who want to select fish from the ponds and holding tanks.  We cannot afford the insurance rider for this sort of activity and there is a real danger that someone will fall into a pond and injure themselves.  It was never a good way to select goldfish anyway and you can study the details better in the photos and video.  So, local customers will have to choose their fish from the web pages.  We can arrange to meet you at the gate if you want to pick up your purchase instead of having it shipped.


We try to make sure every customer is satisfied and stand behind our goldfish and the process if getting it to you.  If your order is damaged or not as listed in the photos and videos then please contact us immediately. 

We never disclose any of your personal information to anyone for any reason... period.  We do not advertise or send solicitations.

-steve hopkins


No one will ever know all there is to know about goldfish.  That is a large part of what makes them so interesting and so much fun.  In addition, there is no single best path or technique.  What works well for one person may not work for another.  I do not profess to be the best goldfish expert around.  However, I am happy to share what I know and think about selecting, keeping and breeding goldfish.  Click here to send an e-mail with your questions or observations.  I almost always respond within eight hours.

Also, you will find some articles about goldfish interspersed through our information page located here.


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